5 dating charms that won't fail

It doesn't take a Ferrari to hook the best looking girl in the room. Just follow this incantation to raise your sexiness quotient immeasurably..

TIP 1: Spin a tale

To involve a girl in conversation, you need to learn how to tell a story. Even if it is about that one time you ran away from home. Remember all the mythology and even graphic novels you read. They all have common patterns and structure. Spin your story around this structure. The good guy must always win, albeit after a few failures. Weave in conflict, disappointment, tension. Make your school adventures a killer tale and women will listen in rapt attention.

TIP 2: Mix arrogance with humour

Two most noticeable things in a guy are humour and confidence. Combine them both for a winning formula, and push the envelop to cocky. The trick is saying audaciously funny things, but within a limit. This also makes you unpredictable. Think of James Bond and all the smart-ass things he gets away with. But watch the signs so you don't overdo it.

TIP 3: Tease

Teasing is a concealed way of checking if she's interested. But this is not third grade teasing, so don't say mean things in a nice way. It has to be fun. And build up on it, but in an unpredictable way. The more you raise her anticipation, the more hooked she gets.

TIP 4: Anticipate

Learn to read non-verbal demands and situations. Read the dynamics of the people in the room before striking a conversation to use it to your advantage. This way, you won't be stuck in the corner with the wife of the suspicious and vengeful boss. Once you are able to read to people in this way, you'll know who is approachable and what to say to them.

TIP 5: Know the game

Know how a relationship progresses (from attraction to sex to commitment), how much time to spend at each level and how to progress to the next. Know what the indicators of each level and who is in charge. This way, you'll know what the woman expects from you and whether you are ready to give it to her. It also helps avoid unnecessary heart burn.

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