Supermodel Miranda Kerr's 10 romance tips for men

Orlando Bloom's  girlfriend has some friendly dating advice to share with the opposite sex!

Australian model Miranda Kerr has offered men ten tips on how they can have romantic harmony with their partners and continue doing so.

Kerr, 27, told men's lifestyle website that usually it is the little things that count, and that no matter what, they should at all times be themselves and pay attention to their partner's needs.

She also said that staying healthy, showing affection and a willingness to pamper are also attractive qualities in the eyes of the fairer sex.

"In my experience, it is the random small gestures that I find the most romantic," the Sydney [ Images ] Morning Herald quoted her as telling the website.

"It could be something as simple as making me a cup of tea, or being given a foot massage while we are watching a movie at home after a long day at work."

"If more men made an effort to do these little things for their partner throughout their everyday life, they would be guaranteed to have a more romantic relationship," she added.

Kerr's 10 romance tips:

1. Treat her like a goddess

2. Pamper her

3. Be healthy

4. Get a baby sitter

5. Tell her she is beautiful and romance her

6. Don't be afraid to show her love

7. Know what you want

8. Connect with her

9. Listen to her

10. Buy the right size

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