Dial LOL for sex!

Dial LOL for sex!

In these lust-filled times, have we forgotton the importance of laughter in the bedroom for deeper


Has kinkiness driven couples apart and distant after a few sexual sessions? And has that made sex just an over-rated activity, which gets dull, routine and boring? The author of Four Blondes feels sex is "the most overrated activity in the universe".
So, for The Romantics. The real fun is in humour. Ask Tanya Sabharwal, 24, IT engineer, “We just look for approved ways to fall in love. But the real chemistry comes from intimacy that is triggered by laughter. And doing fun things together. This can change the course of your relationship. And even after a fight you know how to make it work.”
Being naughty is right
Don't sulk at people who are naughty. They don't take themselves seriously, are adventurous and playful. Right now, the generation next of Indian teens are personalities driven by naughtiness. Says actor Koena Mitra, “It’s about time, we get fun into our relationships and bedrooms. Being funny can be very attractive to your partner. But it's not about being kinky.''
Feeling lightness and love in relationships
Laughter can help overcome all the negativity, and bring about sexual healing. Sure, you could wallow in endless self-pity and unhappiness, but the negativity won’t help you. Says psychologist Anupriya Chadha, “The ingredients of great sex is appreciation, laughter and gratitude. You have to feel the positive energy during lovemaking.” In fact, a harsh lesson in love and life is when past angst doesn’t allow relationships or sexual healing to happen.
Says sexologist Dr Raj Brahmbhatt, “Sex is like breathing, it’s the most natural instinct. Sex should be colourful in spring. No, two acts of sex should be of same colour. We need to be natural in our desire. How couples communicate desire to each other is important. Are they looking at each other with happy thoughts that invoke laughter and there should be moments of naughtiness which are light and fun-filled. These energies will heal and enhance intimacy. Sadly, the energy couples bring to a sexual act is anxiety, sadness and that's the energy that makes them incomplete and sad.”

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