Get your babe to say yes to morning sex

Have you ever wondered why your guy loves a morning romp? The reason can be attributed to nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) that causes a man without erectile dysfunction to experience three to five erections during his sleep. Waking up with an erection makes most men frisky between the sheets in the morning. But women are usually not in the mood to initiate sex the minute she wakes up. Perhaps it's time to add some spunk to your morning sex routine.
Prepare the previous night
In order to avoid getting out of bed and feeling unprepared for sex, do your homework the night before. Invest in some breath mints near the bed so that you can quickly pop them in before things start to get steamy. Also, finish attending nature's call before you go to sleep to avoid an early morning leak immediately after you wake up. Also, keep a packet of condoms or a strip of contraceptive pills within arm’s reach.
Set your internal alarm
Incase you are gearing up for a morning of hot sex, try and wake up an early so that you don't get delayed for work. Set your internal alarm clock so that you have enough time to enjoy the morning make-out session before you kick start your day. It’s ideal if you can get up before your gal so you can wake her up with warm kisses and sensuous caressing. An important thing to keep in mind is that while you may be all ready to dive into bed, your lady may take a while to get warmed up, so be prepared for a long foreplay.
Be sensuous
Most women like a gentle approach in the morning, so control your hormones. Touch her softly and slowly. Kiss her all over her face and body. Play with her hair. Adopting a sensual approach will make sure that she's feeling loved and nurtured when she opens her eyes. This way she will be all the more ready to please you during sex.
Make her feel desirable
Most women aren't at their sexiest best when they first wakes up, so to get her into the right frame of mind by telling her how beautiful she is -- even if she’s a bit of a mess. Reassure her that you want her in your arms despite her disheveled hair, ugly pillow creases on her face and her unpleasant morning breath. Make her feel beautiful by showering praises about her natural beauty as this is likely to turn her on. Try the spooning position that is romantically sensual.

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